The Sime~Gen Game and more!

In 2013 Loreful, a new game development group, took on the challenge to create a Sime~Gen game to be played on several platforms.

Aharon Cagle, the chief of Loreful, liaised with Jacqueline and Jean extensively, creating a story line that is set in the distant future of Sime~Gen where spaceflight to other planets is possible because of the Sime ability to have universal positioning - pyschospacial orientation. ( While it's not a new direction in Sime~Gen, Jacqueline has written a few "space age" Sime~Gen stories, it is a little explored time section of the universe.)

However, the original concept did not work out the way that Aharon and Loreful had hoped.

Rather then dropping the idea entirely Aharon pushed it in another direction. The name "Ambrov X" disappeared and will be taken over by a new name when the game is released.

In the meantime, as well as working on the game in the background, Aharon and his team are also creating a graphic novel! Don't quote me on this - but I believe it will be called "Shen the Tecton". I could be wrong!